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Who do I want to be?

If you’re feeling unsatisfied with your professional life, maybe it’s time to stop asking yourself what you want to do and start asking yourself who you want to be.

Winter Swim

Winterschwimmen in der Krummen Lanke

When I first heard about it it seemed completely absurd. Then I tried it and found out: Swimming in an ice-cold lake really feels good.

Confession on Steroids

Foto: Vincent Camacho

Scientists have found out that forgiveness makes you healthier and happier. It increases your self-esteem, your mood, decreases levels of stress hormons and benefits your relationships. But how do you forgive when you still feel so angry and hurt? The Hawaiians have a very effective forgiveness ritual with the beautiful name Ho’oponopono. Melissa has tried it out and found it very effective.

Her mit dem Chaos!

Kleines Mädchen macht Yoga

„Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser“ besagt eine Redensart. Will man glücklich sein, ist allerdings das Gegenteil wahr. Als meine Yogastunde für geflüchtete Frauen aus dem Ruder lief, habe ich erfahren, wie gut es sich anfühlen kann, die Kontrolle zu verlieren.